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Glossary: controls for test case manipulation

A reference to a single test case or a group of test cases may be followed by controls that look something like (R?-R!-I?-??)). These controls allow you to execute context-sensitive actions such as rerunning all failed test cases or accessing test case information:

  • R?: run the corresponding test case(s) after a confirmation. Displays test configuration before starting a test so that it can be double checked and adjusted as needed.

  • R!: run the corresponding test case(s) without a confirmation. Starts the test immediately, using the latest test configuration. Instant rerun is available only if the context includes enough (old) test configuration information.

  • I?: displays information about the corresponding test case(s). For single test cases, the information usually includes case identifier, gist, tested requirements, and developer notes. For a group of test cases, the explanation of the grouping criteria may be provided.

  • ??: this help entry.

If your browser supports title attributes in HTML anchors (links), then you should see a brief control description when hovering over a control knob.

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