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Here is how we treat information originated from you.

  • We may log and examine everything you send us, including all information made available by HTTP, TCP, and IP protocols.

  • If you obey Co-Advisor usage terms, we will not willingly share any collected information with others unless we have your explicit permission. The only exception is aggregate information that cannot be tracked back to the originator, such as a percentage of successful tests or a total number of test executions across all Co-Advisor users.

  • If you repeatedly violate Co-Advisor usage terms, we may willingly share any collected information with others without your explicit permission. This sharing may be done to prevent future abuse or for any other reason.

  • We may use your contact address to notify you of your Co-Advisor account changes, scheduled service interruptions, major Co-Advisor improvements or news, and abuse complaints related to your account.

  • We do our best to protect your information from unauthorized access. We follow industry best commercially reasonable practices to make our servers and information they store secure. We expect you to protect your Co-Advisor password to prevent unauthorized account access.

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