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These are Co-Advisor usage terms. The privacy policy is available elsewhere.

  • Using Co-Advisor implies your agreement with our privacy policy.

  • Free Co-Advisor access may be terminated at any time, for any reason, and without notice.

  • Users abusing Co-Advisor may be denied access and their accounts may be destroyed.

  • Users are explicitly prohibited from reselling and/or redistributing Co-Advisor services on-line or off-line. If you would like to become a distributor, please ask us for a special license.

  • Unpaid idle accounts may be closed and their test archives destroyed.

  • You have the right to interpret and share your test results. By using Co-Advisor, you accept all the risks associated with your actions including, without limitation, the risk of public humiliation and the risk of damages to other parties.

  • We do our best to preserve your test results. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee their preservation. By running tests, you agree to accept the risk of losing any and all of the results.

  • We do our best to insure quality of the test cases. If you are not satisfied with a test case, you have the right to complain. We may attempt to improve the test to your satisfaction or suggest alternatives.

  • In no event shall The Measurement Factory be liable to any party for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost profits, claims or demands, or business interruption, arising out of the use of Co-Advisor, even if the Measurement Factory has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

  • Co-Advisor is provided on an "AS IS" basis, and The Measurement Factory has no obligation to provide maintenance, support, updates, enhancements, or modifications. The Measurement Factory makes no representations and extends no warranties of any kind, either implied or express, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or that the use of Co-Advisor will not infringe any patent, trademark, or other rights.

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