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FAQ: Can Co-Advisor report a protocol violation where the device does the right thing based on real-world requirements?

Yes, if you test for protocol violations. Co-Advisor can test for spec compliance and for real-world quality factors such as reliability and compatibility. If you are testing for protocol violations, Co-Advisor ignores real-world requirements and uses just the protocol specs. And vice versa.

In situations where the protocol contradicts real-life requirements, Co-Advisor may have two test cases with identical protocol interactions but different result assessment logic. A device configured to obey the protocol would pass one case, and the same device configured to be robust would pass the other case. You can then tell your customers that your device is both compliant and robust, and that your customers have a choice (with a reasonable default configuration setting, of course).

The above "dual result" approach seems to be necessary if we want to test for formal protocol compliance at all. Our assumption is that marketing and sales/partnership departments would benefit from ability to claim certain level of compliance while also demonstrating real-world qualities.

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