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Glossary: controls for test case manipulation

A reference to a single test case or a group of test cases may be followed by controls that look something like (1-Z-R-I-??)). These controls allow you to execute context-sensitive actions such as zooming in on a case, rerunning all failed test cases, or accessing test case information.

  • 1: isolate case(s) trace from other test cases. Displays the trace of the corresponding test case(s) without displaying traces for other cases in the same test. Subcases can be isolated too. Isolating a case is often useful for printing or otherwise sharing information about that specific case.

  • Z+: zoom in to see more trace details. Displays more trace details for the corresponding test case. This is a one-level, non-recursive zoom -- subcases are not automatically detailed.

  • Z*: expand trace all the way down to see all details. Displays more trace details for the corresponding test case and all its subcases. This is a multi-level, recursive zoom which is equivalent of using the "Z+" knob for the case, each of its subcases, subsubcases, etc.

  • Z-: collapse trace to see fewer details. Collapses trace to display corresponding case gist and case result only.

  • R?: run the corresponding test case(s) after a confirmation. Displays test configuration before starting a test so that it can be double checked and adjusted as needed.

  • R!: run the corresponding test case(s) without a confirmation. Starts the test immediately, using the latest test configuration. Instant rerun is available only if the context includes enough (old) test configuration information.

  • I?: displays information about the corresponding test case(s). For single test cases, the information usually includes case identifier, gist, tested requirements, and developer notes. For a group of test cases, the explanation of the grouping criteria may be provided.

  • ??: this help entry.

If your browser supports title attributes in HTML anchors (links), then you should see a brief control description when hovering over a control knob.

Depending on the context, some knobs may not be available.

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