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new field values in HEAD response MUST make cache entry stale


This test clause tests the following 1 requirement(s).

  1. "If the new field values indicate that the cached entity differs from the current entity (as would be indicated by a change in Content-Length, Content-MD5, ETag or Last-Modified), then the cache MUST treat the cache entry as stale" (rfc2616)

Developer notes

These cases rely on the intermediary to (a) preserve cached entities when receiving uncachable requests and (b) forward uncachable requests to the server. Several scenarios are tested using conditional and unconditional requests, truthful and misleading servers, and various modified response headers. Server misleads if it responds with 304 (Not Modified) to a conditional request while using headers that indicate that the entity was modified.


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Internal Identifier

This test clause identifier is test_clause/rfc2616/headMakesStale. Please use that identifier when refering to this test clause.

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