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cache MUST forward too large Age value as 2147483648


This test clause tests the following 1 requirement(s).

  1. "If a cache receives a value larger than the largest positive integer it can represent, or if any of its age calculations overflows, it MUST transmit an Age header with a value of 2147483648 (2^31)" (rfc2616)

Developer notes

We cannot find a way to test the "age calculations overflows" scenario: We should have a hit (age calculations do not apply to misses?). How can we make the age overflow without making the cache to purge the entry? Cache-control maxage directive would work except if Age overflows, maxage probably does as well.


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Internal Identifier

This test clause identifier is test_clause/rfc2616/largeAgeMiss. Please use that identifier when refering to this test clause.

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