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proxy MUST update positive Max-Forwards value prior to forwarding


This test clause tests the following 5 requirement(s).

  1. "When a proxy receives an OPTIONS request on an absoluteURI for which request forwarding is permitted, the proxy MUST check for a Max-Forwards field" (rfc2616)
  2. "If the Max-Forwards field-value is an integer greater than zero, the proxy MUST decrement the field-value when it forwards the request" (rfc2616)
  3. "Each proxy or gateway recipient of a TRACE or OPTIONS request containing a Max-Forwards header field MUST check and update its value prior to forwarding the request" (rfc2616)
  4. "instead, it MUST respond as the final recipient" (rfc2616)
  5. "If the received Max-Forwards value is greater than zero, then the forwarded message MUST contain an updated Max-Forwards field with a value decremented by one (1)" (rfc2616)


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Internal Identifier

This test clause identifier is test_clause/rfc2616/maxForwardsPstv. Please use that identifier when refering to this test clause.

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