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cache MUST respond with 504 (Gateway Timeout) when MUST-level revalidation was required and communication with the server failed


This test clause tests the following 3 requirement(s).

  1. "In all circumstances an HTTP/1.1 cache MUST obey the must-revalidate directive" (rfc2616)
  2. "in particular, if the cache cannot reach the origin server for any reason, it MUST generate a 504 (Gateway Timeout) response" (rfc2616)
  3. "Recipients MUST NOT take any automated action that violates this directive, and MUST NOT automatically provide an unvalidated copy of the entity if revalidation fails" (rfc2616)

Developer notes

According to RFC 2616, the proxy-revalidate cache-directive has the same meaning except that it does not apply to non-shared user agent caches.


This test clause contains the following 3 members:


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Internal Identifier

This test clause identifier is test_clause/rfc2616/noSrv-hit-must-reval. Please use that identifier when refering to this test clause.

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