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Requirement-looking definitions


This test group is documented but not implemented. See developer notes below for details.


This test group tests the following 22 requirement(s).

  1. "Therefore, where at least one element is required, at least one non-null element MUST be present" (rfc2616)
  2. "At least one delimiter (LWS and/or separators) MUST exist between any two tokens (for the definition of "token" below), since they would otherwise be interpreted as a single token" (rfc2616)
  3. "These special characters MUST be in a quoted string to be used within a parameter value (as defined in section 3.6)" (rfc2616)
  4. "Note that the major and minor numbers MUST be treated as separate integers and that each MAY be incremented higher than a single digit" (rfc2616)
  5. "If the abs_path is not present in the URL, it MUST be given as "/" when used as a Request-URI for a resource (section 5.1.2)" (rfc2616)
  6. "HTTP-date is case sensitive and MUST NOT include additional LWS beyond that specifically included as SP in the grammar" (rfc2616)
  7. "However, the definition associated with a MIME character set name MUST fully specify the mapping to be performed from octets to characters" (rfc2616)
  8. "Although HTTP allows an arbitrary token to be used as a charset value, any token that has a predefined value within the IANA Character Set registry [19] MUST represent the character set defined by that registry" (rfc2616)
  9. "Linear white space (LWS) MUST NOT be used between the type and subtype, nor between an attribute and its value" (rfc2616)
  10. "All multipart types share a common syntax, as defined in section 5.1.1 of RFC 2046 ... [40], and MUST include a boundary parameter as part of the media type value" (rfc2616)
  11. "The message body is itself a protocol element and MUST therefore use only CRLF to represent line breaks between body-parts" (rfc2616)
  12. "It MUST be possible to combine the multiple header fields into one "field-name" (rfc2616)
  13. "1.Any response message which "MUST NOT" include a message-body (such as the 1xx, 204, and 304 responses and any response to a HEAD request) is always terminated by the first empty line after the header fields, regardless of the entity-header fields present in the message" (rfc2616)
  14. "if none is present in the original URI, it MUST be given as "/" (the server root)" (rfc2616)
  15. "In order to remain persistent, all messages on the connection MUST have a self-defined message length (i.e., one not defined by closure of the connection), as described in section 4.4" (rfc2616)
  16. "in order to be considered equal, both validators MUST be identical in every way, and both MUST NOT be weak" (rfc2616)
  17. "in order to be considered equal, both validators MUST be identical in every way, but either or both of them MAY be tagged as "weak" without affecting the result" (rfc2616)
  18. ""MUST NOT store" in this context means that the cache MUST NOT intentionally store the information in non-volatile storage, and MUST make a best-effort attempt to remove the information from volatile storage as promptly as possible after forwarding it" (rfc2616)
  19. "Field names MUST NOT be included with the no-cache directive in a request" (rfc2616)
  20. "Unlike byte-ranges-specifier values (see section 14.35.1), a byte- range-resp-spec MUST only specify one range, and MUST contain absolute byte positions for both the first and last byte of the range" (rfc2616)
  21. "If the last-byte-pos value is present, it MUST be greater than or equal to the first-byte-pos in that byte-range-spec, or the byte- range-spec is syntactically invalid" (rfc2616)
  22. "The order in which the encapsulated parts appear in the encapsulating message-body MUST be the same as the order in which the parts are named in the Encapsulated header" (rfc3507)

Developer notes

Most of these requirements are simply definitions of various constructs used by the protocol (e.g., "multi-valued header" or "strong entity tag comparison function"). Definitions cannot be tested (by definition). Most of them should not have been written using RFC 2119 language.


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Internal Identifier

This test group identifier is test_group/any/requirement-definition. Please use that identifier when refering to this test group.

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