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Requirements with external dependencies


This test group is documented but not implemented. See developer notes below for details.


This test group tests the following 9 requirement(s).

  1. "A client that cannot decode a multipart/byteranges message MUST NOT ask for multiple byte-ranges in a single request" (rfc2616)
  2. "If the server does not have a clock that can provide a reasonable approximation of the current time, its responses MUST NOT include a Date header field" (rfc2616)
  3. "If an Expires header is added, it MUST be given a field-value identical to that of the Date header in that response" (rfc2616)
  4. "In this case, the rules in section 14.18.1 MUST be followed" (rfc2616)
  5. "An HTTP implementation without a clock MUST NOT cache responses without revalidating them on every use" (rfc2616)
  6. "An Allow header field MUST be present in a 405 (Method Not Allowed) response" (rfc2616)
  7. "In cases where an ICAP server returns a modified version of an object created by an origin server, such as in Response Modification mode, the expiration of the ICAP-modified object MUST NOT be longer than that of the origin object" (rfc3507)
  8. "In other words, ICAP servers MUST NOT extend the lifetime of origin server objects, but MAY shorten it" (rfc3507)
  9. "An ICAP server MUST be able to recognize all of its hosts names, including any aliases, local variations, and numeric IP addresses of its interfaces" (rfc3507)

Developer notes

Sometimes, testing a requirement requires additional (external) information about the device. For example, it may be essential to know what optional features the device claims to support in order to test those features correctly. It is possible to extend Co-Advisor interface so that a tester can specify a set of supported features. When/if that is done, corresponding requirements from this category can be tested.


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Internal Identifier

This test group identifier is test_group/any/requirement-extra-info. Please use that identifier when refering to this test group.

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