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Out of scope requirements


This test group is documented but not implemented. See developer notes below for details.


This test group tests the following 18 requirement(s).

  1. "ICAP clients MUST be able to handle all three types of responses" (rfc3507)
  2. "This MUST be an absolute URI that specifies both the complete hostname and the path of the resource being requested" (rfc3507)
  3. "Similar to HTTP, ICAP requests MUST start with a request line that contains a method, the complete URI of the ICAP resource being requested, and an ICAP version string" (rfc3507)
  4. "Host (REQUIRED in ICAP as it is in HTTP/1.1)" (rfc3507)
  5. "HTTP headers MUST start with the request-line or status-line for requests and responses, respectively, followed by interesting HTTP headers" (rfc3507)
  6. "The encapsulated headers MUST be terminated by a blank line, in order to make them human readable, and in order to terminate line-by-line HTTP parsers" (rfc3507)
  7. "Despite the above restrictions on encapsulation, the hop-by-hop Proxy-Authenticate and Proxy-Authorization headers MUST be forwarded to the ICAP server in the ICAP header section (not the encapsulated message)" (rfc3507)
  8. "To effect a Preview, an ICAP client MUST add a "Preview" (rfc3507)
  9. "The ICAP client MUST treat this the same as if it had sent the entire message to the ICAP server and an identical message was returned" (rfc3507)
  10. "If the entire encapsulated HTTP body did not fit in the preview, the ICAP client MUST send the remainder of its ICAP message, starting from the first chunk after the preview" (rfc3507)
  11. "In REQMOD mode, the ICAP request MUST contain an encapsulated HTTP request" (rfc3507)
  12. "The headers and body (if any) MUST both be encapsulated, except that hop-by-hop headers are not encapsulated" (rfc3507)
  13. "Using encapsulation described in Section 4.4, the header and body of the HTTP response to be modified MUST be included in the ICAP body" (rfc3507)
  14. "As with the other method, the hop-by-hop headers of the encapsulated messages MUST NOT be forwarded" (rfc3507)
  15. "The Encapsulated header MUST indicate the byte-offsets of the beginning of each of these four parts" (rfc3507)

Developer notes

These requirements are for classes of implementations that the current Co-Advisor code does not test (e.g., HTTP user agents or ICAP clients).


This test group contains no members.


This test group belongs to no groups.

Internal Identifier

This test group identifier is test_group/any/requirement-scope-not. Please use that identifier when refering to this test group.

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