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Not testable requirements


This test group is documented but not implemented. See developer notes below for details.


This test group tests the following 6 requirement(s).

  1. "This MUST be an absolute URI that specifies both the complete hostname and the path of the resource being requested" (rfc3507)
  2. "The ICAP server MUST strip this chunk extension before passing the chunk data to an ICAP application process" (rfc3507)
  3. "Multiple values in the value field MUST be separated by commas" (rfc3507)
  4. "An ICAP server MUST send the "Connection" (rfc3507)
  5. "If authentication is required between an ICAP client and ICAP server, hop-by-hop Proxy Authentication as described in RFC 2617 MUST be used" (rfc3507)
  6. "the ICAP client MUST be involved as described above" (rfc3507)

Developer notes

We believe these requirements cannot be tested in practice. Common reasons include vague or undefined words (e.g., "MUST respect") and actions generally not visible to a black-box test suite (e.g., "MUST ignore").

Sometimes it is simply not possible to force the device under test to get into a desired (possibly buggy) state although that does not mean the state is unreachable.

Note that some requirements are testable outside of the current Co-Advisor scope (e.g., a requirement may be testable for end-clients but not for proxies).


This test group contains no members.


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Internal Identifier

This test group identifier is test_group/any/requirement-testable-not. Please use that identifier when refering to this test group.

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