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This page provides more information about Co-Advisor, including distribution options and pricing. Please note that the Co-Advisor on-line interface hosts additional resources worth browsing through, including FAQ, Glossary, test cases, and specifications like RFC 2616 cross-referenced with test cases.


  1. What is Co-Advisor?
  2. Who is using Co-Advisor?
  3. How does Co-Advisor work?
  4. Distribution
  5. Support
  6. Evaluation
  7. Satisfaction guarantee
  8. Pricing
  9. Additional information

What is Co-Advisor?

Co-Advisor is a tool developed by The Measurement Factory for testing quality of protocol implementations. Co-Advisor can test protocol implementation reliability, compatibility, compliance, and other quality factors.

Protocol-specific modules for HTTP (RFC 2616) and ICAP (RFC 3507) protocols are available. Co-Advisor/HTTP tests HTTP intermediaries such as content filters, caching proxies, and XML switches. Co-Advisor/ICAP tests ICAP servers. In addition to reliability and compatibility test cases, both modules cover all applicable MUSTs of corresponding protocol specifications.

A Co-Advisor/DNS module for testing DNS resolvers is under development. Please contact us if you would like early access.

Who is using Co-Advisor?

Existing customers can be categorized using the following overlapping groups:

  • Companies creating new HTTP or ICAP implementations.

  • Companies with existing HTTP or ICAP products or services who are dissatisfied with their internal QA and testing efforts and looking to reduce testing and support budgets while improving product quality.

  • Companies experiencing or anticipating integration problems which may result in customer or OEM complaints about lack of protocol support, robustness, or compatibility.

  • Companies evaluating 3rd party products to recommend "the best" solution.

How does Co-Advisor work?

Co-Advisor/HTTP provides simulated HTTP client and server agents. The agents are configured to talk through an HTTP intermediary (the device under test). Co-Advisor/ICAP provides a simulated ICAP client agent talking to the ICAP server (the device under test). In each test case, Co-Advisor sends specially prepared requests and/or responses through the device under test. The quality of protocol implementation can then be assessed by monitoring the intermediary's reaction to Co-Advisor's messages. Each test case targets a specific protocol requirement or a known real-world problem. For example, Co-Advisor can test how an HTTP intermediary handles chunked requests or how an ICAP server deals with missing encapsulated request parts.

Co-Advisor assembles test results into an executive-level summary showing the total number of passed test cases and violations. One look at the summary is usually enough to judge the overall quality of protocol support in the device. A detailed case-by-case trace of test actions is also available. Careful analysis of the trace lets a knowledgeable product engineer isolate and fix protocol violations. Tests can be repeated, and changes in results can be tracked using Co-Advisor's side-by-side result comparison feature. Daily regression tests and "Did I fix that bug or add new ones?" tests are easy to manage.

Thanks to a simple, intuitive web interface, Co-Advisor is extremely easy to use.

Co-Advisor can detect both mundane protocol violations and serious design flaws in protocol support. It can find real-world bugs that will eventually be found by customers or integrators. Co-Advisor is also able to expose implementation problems that will prevent a product from passing interoperability, certification, or acceptance tests.

Using Co-Advisor does not mean you must fix every protocol bug found. It means you will know what bugs exist.

To date, no one has passed all Co-Advisor tests the first time.


Our most popular distribution option is a Linux binary RPM. We can create binary packages for other operating systems as well. Binary distributions are ideal for in-house tests.

Many customers utilize the online version of the Co-Advisor suite hosted at This option is cheaper and doesn't require maintaining yet another software in your lab.

Customers that would like to customize the interface or integrate Co-Advisor with their in-house tools have access to source code.


Commercially-reasonable best-effort email-based support and unlimited software upgrades are provided for all in-house distributions. For limited-term licenses, free support and upgrades are available during the entire licensing term. For perpetual licenses, free support and upgrades are limited to the first licensing year, with additional years of support and upgrades available for purchase at any time at then-current prices.

The Measurement Factory also offers Priority Support to customers that value faster response times and direct access to engineers with in-depth knowledge of the Co-Advisor code and protocol requirements. Other distribution and support options are available, please contact The Measurement Factory with your specific needs.

Satisfaction guarantee

The Measurement Factory is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for Co-Advisor distributions and software development contracts: If you're not satisfied with our tools, report the problem within the first 30 days of delivery, and if we fail to address the problem to your satisfaction, we'll provide a full refund.


Evaluation versions of Co-Advisor downloadable ICAP and HTTP modules are freely available upon request. Online Co-Advisor version can be freely evaluated by creating an account.


Pricing can be customized to meet specific customer needs. Here, we document some popular pricing options. There are two basic decision points here. First, there is a choice between using online version hosted at the Factory and downloading stand-alone binaries for in-house use. Different pricing schemes are then offered within each option to accommodate a variety of Co-Advisor customers.

The table below summarizes Co-Advisor Linux RPM pricing. The Quarterly License option is a good choice for new customers unsure about their long-term testing needs. The Annual License decreases up-front costs. The Perpetual License eliminates long-term dependency on the Factory and pays off in about two years compared to the Annual License.

Downloadable software for in-house use
License Term Upgrades and support Cost
Quarterly 3 months included during the licensing term $4,750
Annual 1 year included during the licensing term $14,750
Perpetual unlimited included during the first year,
optional at $4,750/year afterwards

All of the above licenses provide full access to Co-Advisor protocol module functionality and are priced on per-module, per-site basis. A HTTP+ICAP two-module bundle is 50% extra. By default, contracts are renewed every quarter or year, using then-current prices. For more details, please see the Co-Advisor In-House Use License Agreement.

Other licensing options, including source code licensing, are available.

Here is a summary of online access options:

On-line access
"Big Bang" 100 tests without logs $99
"Sneak Peek" 1 test with logs $375
"Debugger" 1 month with logs $1,750
"Investigation" 3 months with logs $3,750
"Commitment" 12 months with logs $9,750

Deep discounts for educational institutions and free online access for qualified open-source software projects are available.

Online tests are free if your implementation passes all test cases the first time.

Prices are subject to change until a customer-specific sales quote is issued.

Additional information

For additional information on Co-Advisor or other Measurement Factory products, please contact us.

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